Use your style to project the image you want

Creating your personal dress style is not just about reflecting who we are. It also helps keep in mind the image that they want to give of us. While it is safer to stay in your comfort zone, you should try to push the limits of it a little further. For example, if you have a usually formal style and want to appear a bit casual without really knowing how to do it, be sure to take it step by step.

Instead of wearing your little black dress with high, thin heels and a gorgeous pearl necklace, opt for less daring pumps and pretty earrings. By doing so, you’ll go from a simple look to a more sparkling outfit without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.

Show your style is under control

“I have nothing to wear! This is one of the most common complaints from women. It may be true, after all. But if you can think of that when you are in front of your walk-in closet, it is imperative that it is not felt when you are walking on the street, at work or at a night out with friends. There is no way you can let anyone say, “What was she thinking about getting dressed this morning!?”

You owe it to yourself to have absolute control over your wardrobe, and more importantly, you need to feel like you know exactly what you are doing. Yes, although in reality you were in a panic five minutes earlier in front of your mirror. You don’t want to give the impression that you have been in a hurry to put on what was available to you. However, also don’t overdo it at the risk of appearing to be a true fashion victim.

The idea is to create an image that gives the impression to the eyes that fall on you that you have complete control over your style, your appearance. Remember, you should only wear one truly stylish piece at a time. If for example you decide to wear a printed blouse, the rest of your outfit should be kept simple and understated. You can buy your favorite women clothing online.

If you want to wear stunning necklaces with beautiful pearls, make this necklace the center of attention by wearing it over a monochrome outfit. Of course, this is only a rule here and like all rules it can be broken. But it’s still a good place to start if you haven’t mastered all of the intricacies of fashion and style yet.

You can always break the rules when you know exactly what you are doing. For example, it is possible to mix patterns and prints together, but in this case, one of the prints must be more subtle than the other and both share the same color. It is thus possible to wear striped pants with a floral print.

If the stripes of the pants are subtle, then the flowery blouse can stand out and catch the eye. As long as the colors of the pants and blouse are chosen from the same color palette or the pants are chosen in a neutral shade, you can go out with the confidence of wearing an outfit that is pleasing to the eye.

However, before mixing the patterns, make sure you know exactly what you are doing and only wear your outfit if you are completely confident and feeling self-confident. If not, make sure to simplify your outfit and pair your blouse with pants whose color will be a safe bet.

Reflect your moods and emotions through your style

To convey your moods through your outfits, you must have the clothes that allow it. When you go shopping, try to imagine what the clothing or accessory you are trying on can convey a feeling, an emotion, and how it can help you express yourself. If all of the pieces in your wardrobe are bold and dynamic, how will you dress when you are calm and relaxed? Or, if you only have casual clothes, what will your options be when it comes to dressing for a formal evening?

Of course, if you love to dress all in black, you don’t have to give up every room in your closet. Rather, the idea is to make sure you have accessories, shoes, or handbags when you need to spruce up your outfit for a particular event. Colors allow you to vary the possibilities and feel different so don’t limit your options.

You may love wearing white because it always looks chic and romantic, but would you wear this color for a night out in the middle of winter? Remember, the color you wear (and which side of your personality you want to show) depends as much on the weather as it does on the place.

Adapt your outfit to suit the occasion

Each woman should develop her personal dress style and build her wardrobe around it. Creating your style is a step-by-step process, as you acquire clothes that harmonize with the image you want to give of yourself and that correspond to your lifestyle, our character.

Building a functional wardrobe that reflects our image can be long and difficult. It might take a little while before you can instantly say to yourself “Oh this dress would look great in my closet” while browsing the shelves of women’s fashion stores.

Finding the perfect clothes (to your figure and your image) can be difficult at first. But rather than get discouraged and see the glass half empty, try to think of it this way: There are so many different fashion items, so many different styles, that it becomes that much easier to differentiate yourself and it is your goal.


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