How to wear a long shirt for women?

The long shirt is the go-to piece of any modern wardrobe. Worn alone as a dress, or with cigarette jeans, it suits all shapes and sizes in addition to being a chic and comfortable alternative to the short blouse.

Which shirt to choose according to your morphology?

As with any type of clothing, you have to know how to adapt the chosen piece to its morphology to achieve the ideal look. Long shirt yes, but what cut, material, length and color?

The cut: Flared, straight or oversize, the cut of your long shirts for women UAE must harmonize with your body type: if you have a V-shaped body type, avoid the straight cut which accentuates the width of the shoulders and wear it ideally unbuttoned to hide faults. The morphologies in H and X can afford anything while the round ones will be trendier in oversized or flared shirts. The bohemian cut is made for A-morphos.

The material: The shirt is available in different materials: natural, synthetic, light or fluid. This multitude of choices testifies to the innovation that the long shirt has known for several years. For A and V body shapes, avoid material that is too fluid. Stiffer materials will certainly suit you better.

For other body types, the best materials are silk and cotton, but that doesn’t mean the best way to choose a shirt is to try it on.

The length: Most long shirts stop at the knee or mid-thigh. Thus, they can be worn as a dress. Be careful if you are small to opt for a model that is not very long so as not to compress your silhouette.

The color: The long shirt can be a solid color or with stripes and prints. The timeless shirt colors are white, beige, sky blue, blue and pink stripes. Avoid dull colors as much as possible, which will make you go unnoticed. If you are round or short, striped patterns are highly recommended: they refine the silhouette and give you extra length.

Some trendy looks with a long shirt

Matching in several ways, the long shirt is a safe bet for achieving different hyper-stylish looks and corresponding to all tastes:

You can wear it as a dress with a blazer and a clutch. Use and overdo accessories and details that will add style to your basic shirt; solid necklaces and long pendants are examples.

If your shirt is asymmetrical or bohemian in length, a long cardigan, hat and derbies will give you a trendy hippie look.

Is your shirt very long? A pair of sneakers, a braid, some proper makeup and you’ll look laid back and cool.

To get to work, team a slim cigarette with your long shirt and don’t forget to tuck the front of the shirt into the pants for a chic and comfortable look.

A belt and a pair of high heels will transform your long shirt into a real going out dress.


Play with layers: a pencil skirt, leggings or an oversized sweater will certainly mark your look.

The fashion faux-pas especially not to commit are to wear a long shirt with wide pants or long skirts because this will give you the impression of being drowned in your clothes without charm or style.

Opt for the long shirt, even on vacation

The long shirt is very trendy in urban fashion whether in everyday life, or if you are a working girl. Now you don’t have to leave your long shirt in the closet when you’re on vacation. Indeed, this outfit is ideal for showcasing your swimsuit on the beach, and also if you are not very comfortable with your body, as is the case with many women.

Now it is a question of choosing a print that is in the current trend, and above all that puts you in full view. Currently the floral and especially tropical prints are very trendy. They will be preferred, if you have a plain beach swimsuit, so as not to overload. So, there is only one thing left to do: opt for a trendy women’s beach shirt.

Hola Amor is a brand from UAE that will not only allow you to buy a very high quality long shirt, but also trendy swimwear. For years this brand has taken to heart the beauty of women. So when is your turn?


Long shirts are the go-to choice for stylish women looking for a comfortable, trendy look that isn’t too bling. With such a piece, everything is successful: for a discreet outfit for school or work, an outing or an evening, the long shirt easily matches all tastes and all circumstances.

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