How to wear the jumpsuit in the evening?

It’s a “must have”, but how do you choose the right wet suit for a night out and how to wear it well?

As always, when you are offered a meeting, you don’t know what to wear. And since we are at Hola Amor, you can imagine that we are going to talk to you about jump suits! It’s a “must have”, but how do you choose the right wetsuit for a night out and how to wear it well?

Here we go for a series of great free advice from some great people (us).

The playsuit or the jumpsuit for the evening

To go to a party, you first need to be comfortable. If ever you do not want to reveal your legs too much (hair removal not on top, small complexes, too chilly, etc.), of course it will be the jumpsuit. (Did you see how good we are with advice from fashion pros?)

The jumpsuit for ladies Pakistan is often more classy and refined than the playsuit. Depending on the style you want to give, opt for a chic jumpsuit (For example to go to the restaurant just to save some for dessert!). Also, contrary to what you might think, the jumpsuit is not just for tall people. The trick is to opt for a flexible material for the smallest of us so as not to compress the silhouette. A pair of heels and presto!

Otherwise, to go to the evening with your friends, nothing is better than the playsuit. It’s a light piece of clothing that will go perfectly with your frantic sway. (Alcohol abuse is dangerous for the hipster, you yourself know).

The bustier jumpsuit puts the shoulders and collarbones forward, especially with a pretty long necklace. An already well-crafted playsuit in sequins or velvet adorned with rhinestones doesn’t need to be accompanied by a lot of accessories. (Don’t overdo it, keep it stylish!)

But to shine brightly in a simple black jumpsuit, there you can let go: on the accessories: neon heels, clutch bags, jewelry … (not all at the same time anyway!) The same rules apply to the setting.

What to wear in winter or in summer?

It’s not always easy to choose an outfit for an occasion in winter. The jumpsuit will certainly be more easily wearable in very cold weather. Under a long, loose coat, it hides perfectly in winter. To avoid freezing your feet, closed pumps will go perfectly with the outfit or with high heel boots. We recommend very feminine shoes for very loose jumpsuits.

Otherwise the play suit is also perfectly wearable in winter! Just wear it with tights with warm ankle boots and a long coat over it. Over-the-knee boots with a play suit are also the best. These techniques will allow you to be casual without catching the Covid!

In summer, we prefer very light materials to go out. Although the jumpsuit tends to keep you warmer than the jumpsuit, a very loose jumpsuit that does not stick to the skin does not keep you warm at all!

What color to choose to go out?

The dictatorship of fashion imposes black as the reference color to be classy and glamorous in the evening. We are not so much of the same opinion: If black remains a safe bet and solid colors like navy blue, bottle green and burgundy are colors that go everywhere.

One of the trends that we 100% validate is the sequined jumpsuit

In winter as in summer, a sequin play suit will immediately brighten up your outfit. No need to accessorize it, it is sufficient on its own.

Another favorite color for us is red. This color reflects the energy and character of independent and radiant women. It’s a color that knows how to make each of us stand out. And if you have a cocktail, let go of the colors: anything goes!


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