How to wear the jumpsuit while remaining chic and canon?

It’s officially the season!

Summer evenings, bachelorette parties, ceremonies in Provence, town hall weddings, holidays in Italy, aperitifs to celebrate the next victory for the Blues, weekends in Deauville … Our agenda is undoubtedly well loaded and, with that, our fashion cravings are not about to end.

We still never tire of this little powder pink dress seen and reviewed which, every year, sees the beautiful people during the wedding season. It may be slightly torn, a bit stained (you really can’t see it) and completely distorted, you really can’t get rid of it.

So, we called on our savior of the year, the temple of fashion par excellence … In an emergency, Hola Amor came to our aid and offered us a selection of really stylish outfits.

Then, we felt an ultimate crush for sublime womens jump suits New York, a real attraction for this piece to die for. We knew we were made to get along but we never dared to put it on…

After all, did she really suit our figure? Too revealing, a little too masculine, too short, too simple … We were lost.

We promise you that you will no longer be afraid to adopt her and that you will certainly not want to leave her!

So, ready to be sublime all summer? Discover 5 tips for wearing the jumpsuit while remaining chic and canon. Whatever your morphology and your style, you will be won over!

Hannah particularly emphasized the importance of choosing a jumpsuit that perfectly hugs our figure because the jumpsuit loves to highlight our curves.

The belted jumpsuit is also a big fan of your hips but also your waist! We cannot repeat it enough but marking the waist allows you to make the silhouette more harmonious and to highlight your hourglass figure like never before.

For those who want to hide their marked hips, this combination will tend to illuminate them … But if you perfectly assume your body type and have the confidence, the belted jumpsuit is for you!

Note that if you choose a jumpsuit with a rather large top, the ideal is to have it bloused above the belt. Neither seen nor known, your jumpsuit turns into a pants and top set!

For the more discreet, who prefer to conceal rather than to mark, the masculine combination will satisfy you. Wide and loose, this jumpsuit is straight and doesn’t really mark your figure.

Hips, stomach, buttocks … Everything is properly hidden under a jumpsuit really to die for. Be careful not to fall into the clich√© of the plumber or firefighter look. We arm ourselves with the best allies to restore femininity to our favorite combination.

Pretty jewelry, dizzying heels and truly dazzling sandals; the trick is to be truly stylish!

More curved at the top, the flared jumpsuit especially illuminates your legs. It allows you to stay feminine while lightly camouflaging your shape in the lower body.

The height of glamor and femininity, this pretty jumpsuit can only be worn with heels. She is also adored by the small sizes which gain a few centimeters with camouflaged wedges, but also by those who want a slender silhouette with endless legs.

This is the summer suit! The short jumpsuit fills all silhouettes with its beauty and shape that only wants to flatter you.

Indeed, showing the ankles allows you to refine the silhouette! Often belted, it can be at the height of glamor if you accessorize it with jewelry and heels, but also more relaxed and casual with flats.

In short, this is the versatile combination that you will never leave this summer.


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