Summer heat: No need to wear shorts to stay cool!

In summer, temperatures are rising and very quickly, especially this year. And a simple walk around the neighborhood is like walking through the desert. Aggressive sun and insolent heat … the need to remove a few layers of fabric quickly reaches the tip of his nose.

Not everyone likes to show off their legs and luckily, if you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to. It is quite possible to weather the summer heat without wearing short clothes. How? ‘Or’ What? By focusing on loose cuts made from lightweight materials.

Summer pants come to your rescue

Yes, you read that correctly: it is quite possible to wear women pants online UAE in summer. Of course, wearing heavy materials is out of the question at the risk of losing your legs. Also to be banned slim cuts that do not let the skin breathe.

In summer, the watchwords are fluidity and breadth. This is why trousers such as chinos, the famous palazzo or jumpsuits take precedence over shorts and skirts. The trick is to know which one to adopt.

What pants to wear in summer?

Undoubtedly, the star of this summer is the Palazzo pants. First seen on the catwalks of the big names in fashion, it didn’t take long for her to be adopted on the streets. Whether high waist or low waist, these airy pants are exactly what you need during this season, why not take advantage of the sales. There are indeed very beautiful large models, of quality and accessible to all.

Another must-have this season: chinos. Not only reserved for men, cut straight, made without darts and in a fabric lighter than jeans, the chinos will find favor in the eyes of those who want a more formal office or evening look.

It is impossible to finish this list without mentioning the jumpsuit. From parachute locker rooms to fashion-fan wardrobes, this garment has come a long way. How not to appreciate its incredible freedom of movement, its lightness and its dressed effect? It is indeed unparalleled in comfort and can be worn in any way possible. Its only flaw: the time to go to the bathroom is not necessarily easy…

How to wear summer pants properly?

The palazzo reveals all its beauty when it is chosen in neutral tones (white, blue, or pastel colors) and worn with high shoes. In a matter of seconds, your legs gain length and your figure grows. This summer we particularly like it in an ultra-fluid material.

Linen pants and chinos have the advantage of being versatile. Whether with sandals or heels, they adapt to almost all body types. As for the jumpsuit, it suits both shopping days and dressy evenings, it is up to you to accessorize it according to the circumstances: jewelry, belt, and shoes, leave nothing to chance.

In any case, bet on sobriety: flowing pants are elegant enough and summer is the time to not overdo it, especially during the heat wave.


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