Tips for Wearing Kaftan Dresses

Anyone getting ready for the with a to-do and shopping list, certainly note the beautiful 2020 kaftan collection which launched this year. They are magnificent masterpieces designed by leading hijab and kaftan designers from India and Pakistan. Whether you celebrate any event or not you must purchase at least one of the Pakistani kaftan dresses this season. They are irresistible.

All the shoppers who are looking for the latest abayas, kaftans and salwar kameez, and wondering how to style them without going overboard with the expense, we have listed some simple tips on how to wear ladies kaftan dresses UAE and set a trend.

Choose the right design

Choosing the right Abaya Kaftan is important for the occasion. While you can find them in a variety of colors, designs, patterns, embroidery, and fabrics, we’ve found the off-white shades, multi-colored casual outfits, and pink hues with glitter designs that come out more and quickly from the aisle. Also, those that come with designer belts are gaining popularity.

Wear the right shoes

While the shoes are a personal choice, based on your comfort and health, when it comes to wearing your Pakistani Abaya Dress, choose a pair of shoes that peak through the hem of your dress. As kaftan completely covers your body leaving just a little bit of room to display your accessories and shoes, wear a slipper or sandal that shows off your pretty toes.

Since the 2020 collection is fully painted with heavy embroidery, they are mostly worn at gentry events. On such occasions, let your heels speak for your outfit. Pointed heels should be your perfect choice of shoes. However, if this is a casual caftan, something you prefer to wear at lunchtime, you can wear mules, flat slippers, belly, and even sneakers.

Choose the right fabric

We all know Eid falls when summer is at its peak. We have to beat the scorching summer but also wear the most stylish clothes. You can achieve this by choosing clothes suitable for summer. The latest Abaya kaftans come in a myriad of fabrics, such as rayon, georgette, cotton, silk, jacquard, crepe, farasha and so on.

However, the perfect fabrics for the sweltering heat are rayon, mesh, cotton, and pure silk. That being said, you can also try the other variations as the inner fabrics of most dresses are sewn to produce a cooling effect.

Unlike a few years ago, Kaftans are now available in different styles to suit many occasions. We have ​​kaftan abayas, button front kaftans, polyester kaftans, long dresses and traditional hijabs.

Hola Amor has all of these styles for Eid, wedding and other festivals. You can now have your Abaya and kaftan personalized and delivered just before the start of the month-long festival. Make it a big part of you this holiday season.

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