Twin Block Plates: A New System for Kids and Teens

The wrong bite is formed in early childhood, and there are several reasons for this:

  • Bad habits (sucking a finger).
  • Disorders of posture (stoop, scoliosis).
  • Diseases associated with impaired nasal breathing.

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Sometimes the causes can be congenital, it is impossible to influence them: for example, if the size of the jawbone is slightly smaller than average, and the teeth are large. In this case, they can grow crowded.

Bite correction in adolescents

All orthodontic problems are best addressed at a young age. In order not to miss the time when it is easier to carry out the treatment, pay attention to the bite of the child when all the baby teeth grow, and then the permanent ones. It is easy enough to notice violations on your own, but the best option would be to visit an orthodontist dentist for a scheduled examination at 7–9 years.

Why is treatment effective in adolescence?

In childhood and adolescence, nature itself helps the healing process. During rapid growth of 10-12 years, the width and volume of the jaw bones are constantly increasing, and the task of a plate or braces – to move teeth – is much easier compared to adulthood.

Orthodontic plate

Due to the absence of bracket locks, the plate is less noticeable. That is why in many cases removable plates are suitable for teens.

What malocclusion can fix plates?

Sometimes there are such occlusion disorders that can only be corrected surgically. But they are quite rare, and in most cases it is enough either to expand the space in the dentition, or to normalize the method of closing the teeth (or all together). And orthodontic plates, which are prescribed for wearing on two jaws, cope with this task.

We at the Clinic use Twin Block plates – a modern and convenient orthodontic system.

Twin Block Plates

  • Orthodontic Plates Twin Block
  • The whole truth about first person braces!
  • Find out what guarantees should be and how to save on treatment
  • Benefits of removable plates


Hygiene is easy to maintain; brushing your teeth as usual. Although it should be worn daily, it can be removed if necessary, for example, at the graduation party. The visible part is less conspicuous than braces.

Of course, it takes some time to adapt to the unpleasant sensations, as when installing braces. At first, parents will have to control this issue until the child or teenager gets used to wearing the plate in due time and learns to carefully put it on.

How do twin block plates work?

When wearing braces, you need to regularly change the arc. There is no removable arc in Twin Block, but the system is regularly adjusted during treatment. For example, if the plate should increase the width of the jaw, then gradually with the help of a special built-in screw it is expanded. They do this once a week (each time there is no need to visit a doctor – the doctor will explain in detail to parents how to do this).

  • The system also has additional elements: springs, occlusal plates, which additionally help correct the bite .
  • The Twin Block system is tailored to the needs of the patient much more accurately than simple orthodontic removable plates.

In general, the principle of operation of the plates is the same as that of other orthodontic appliances: constant pressure on the teeth gradually corrects their position, and due to the fact that the child is growing, fixing the new position of the teeth is faster and easier than in adults.

How to motivate a teenager to wear plates?

Many children and teenagers are embarrassed to wear orthodontic constructions, do not want to endure inconvenience, and do not think about the result – a beautiful smile and the right bite. Just forcing a child to go to the doctor is not the best option, because for a successful treatment the orthodontist from the patient needs motivation, self-discipline and a willingness to act together with the doctor. How to be?

First of all, it is better from childhood to never scare a child with a visit to the dentist, but rather, create the belief that dental care is very important, and planned methods are not a punishment, but an interesting and important thing. If from an early age a child understands the value of dental health, then it will be easier to persuade him to wear a plate.

If you regularly visit a dentist with your child, he will definitely tell you about problems with a bite. Then you can mentally prepare for wearing plates or braces in advance. Several months of wearing the plate in adolescence seem to be infinite. But perhaps the child is motivated not to postpone treatment for later by the fact that adults, as a rule, wear braces 12-18 months, 24 hours a day?

Try together with your doctor to give examples of how facial features change for the better after correcting the bite. All dental problems are solved the easier, the sooner they are detected. This also applies to treatment at the orthodontist. If you have any doubts about the correctness of a child’s bite, consult a doctor – treatment will be much faster and easier than in adulthood. At Clinic, experienced orthodontists will help your children no matter how serious the problem. And thanks to the installment plan, our treatment is available to everyone. Call us and make an appointment.

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