Wedding Bells


Wedding Bells

Wedding bells, do we hear? So, you have finally found your night in shining armor and the celebrations are on the way! And after? Circles exchanging the ceremony of course! But wait? Who has all the time in the world to create a special event for you straight out of a fairy tale? Reservations, food, selection of places and all the crazy stress make the bride and groom go super exhausted which results in tired and less shiny faces on the big day! So why waste all that energy when I-event expert is here?

Operates Online

I-event expert is the best event management company in Lahore that operates online. Yes, online! What time to live! We, at I-event expert, treat your dreams like yours and bring them to reality with our incredible team who take care of all the preparations of your Engagement Ceremony and produce a day that is worth it. Whether you are on a limited budget or the sky is the limit for you, our database is fully equipped with the best choices for you.

Important Decision

Beginning with the most important decision, the place comes first and we have a wide range of places available for your big day in Lahore. All you have to do is mention your desired area and you will have in front of you all the beautiful rooms, marquees, and hotels that best meet your requirements. The Catering tab allows you to choose a menu to suit your taste, whether it’s Chicken or Sheep, all the tasty dishes from Pakistan will be prepared exclusively for you. In addition, if you want a personalized menu, you can also add bling to the menu of dishes and seduce your guests!

I-event expert offers a set of decor ranging from the entrance, stage, hall, dance floor, lighting, furniture, marquee, and trellis. Color coordinates the theme of your wedding with your significant other or we will help you if you are confused. From sumptuous floral themes to royal weddings and custom decorations, we offer our high-end services and ensure you are blown away by precision and finesse!

The music adds all the magic to an event and you will not want to miss all the thumkas of your special day, so spice up the atmosphere with electric rhythms and pump your guests to join you on the dance floor to celebrate the union. . two lovebirds with our installation of a versatile DJ and his thrilling music station! Well, that’s not all, we all love to capture those heavenly moments for a lifetime and for fun if you’re going to end up with blurry images and wrong angles in your photos? Our database contains all the renowned and excellent photographers who add the dream effect to your moments and transform them into a “perfect image” click! Contact us now and let us cover you!

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