What is ITIL ?Certification and Benefits of being certified in ITIL

On this occasion we are going to tell you what ITIL is, what are the best ITIL certifications on the market and what are the benefits of Certifying yourself in ITIL.

On this occasion we are going to tell you what ITIL is, what are the best ITIL certification on the market and what are the benefits of certifying yourself in ITIL.

How would you explain what ITIL is to someone who has no idea about ITIL?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, known as ITIL  is a framework of good practices applicable to IT Service Management .

These have been defined to help IT service provider organizations achieve higher quality and efficiency in the delivery and management of their services.

The current edition of ITIL collects these good practices identifying the Life Cycle of the Services and detailing the different processes and activities that are carried out in each of the 5 phases.

What is ITIL ?: Certifications and Benefits of being certified in ITIL®

But, have there been other editions? How are they different?

Yes. The first version of ITIL was published in the early 1980s, consisted of 31 books, and was very technology-oriented.

This version was updated in the mid-1990s in what we know as ITIL V2. ITIL V2 consisted of 7 books being the best known books:

Service delivery

Service Support

The Service Delivery book spoke of 5 Management Processes:

Service level





The Service Support of other 5 Management Processes:







In addition to the Help Desk Function.

In 2007 the third version of ITIL was published, ITIL V3, which is already beginning to talk about the Life Cycle of Services.

This version is made up of 5 books, each one referring to one of the phases of said Life Cycle:

Service Strategy

Service Design

Service Transition

Service Operation

Continuous Service Improvement

Distributed among these 5 phases, this version includes 22 processes and 4 functions.

And finally, in 2011 the current edition of ITIL is published, which is what we know as ITIL 2001 edition.

We are not talking about a new version, but we are talking about an update or improvement of ITIL V3 which was carried out as a result of the feedback.

Although this edition is also made up of the 5 books corresponding to the 5 phases of the Service Life Cycle that I named above, it expands the number of Processes it includes to 26.

What else can you tell us about the ITIL certification that is of interest?

ITIL is a set of good practices that as such constitute a series of recommendations and not mandatory standards.

ITIL certification is not aimed at organizations but is aimed at certifying the knowledge that people are gaining about said good practices.

Those interested in obtaining the ITIL Foundation, should know that there are several levels of certification. I briefly comment on them:

Fundamentals: It is the most basic level and allows to acquire the necessary knowledge about the terminology, structure and basic concepts used by the ITIL® good practice framework. Obtaining this certification is a mandatory condition in order to be eligible for higher certifications.

Practitioner: By being focused on Continuous Service Improvement, it will allow candidates to acquire the skills and abilities necessary to apply ITIL® concepts in their organization.

Expert: Level aimed at all those people who, having obtained the ITIL Fundamentals certification, are interested in demonstrating a higher level of knowledge of ITIL® as a whole.

Master: Corresponds to the highest level in the ITIL Service Management career. This certification is obtained on the basis of professional merits, for Expert professionals who demonstrate proven experience in real life in IT Service Management.

Each of these certifications is obtained by completing the assigned course or courses and passing the corresponding accreditation exams, which I will explain in a post that I will publish soon.

What would you say are the main benefits of having an ITIL certification?

As they are certifications assigned to the person who acquire them and not to organizations, ITIL certified professionals can obtain great benefits both in their personal and professional development.

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