What is the cost of treatment with bracket systems made up of?

Bracket systems are one of the most expensive dental designs. You probably wondered more than once why they cost so much and what makes up this price? Today we will tell you how the cost of orthodontic correction is formed, and also tell you how to make treatment with braces budget.

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What determines the price of installing braces?

We must say right away that it simply does not make sense to consider the cost of braces without taking into account the work of the orthodontist in their installation and activation: after all, no one can install braces on their own.

Three factors affect the final cost of treatment with braces:

  • The quality and design of the braces.
  • The complexity and duration of the orthodontist.
  • The class of the clinic and the total amount of services it provides.
  • An experienced doctor will advise on the best bracket design and treatment plan.
  • Orthodontic treatment is one of the most expensive processes in modern dentistry.

Braces Price: Not Just Metal

In large clinics, you will be offered a choice of several systems of orthodontic constructions that vary in characteristics and price.

Metal braces are the most budget option, which is suitable if you do not experience aesthetic inconvenience, having acquired such a sufficiently noticeable “decoration”. Most often, traditional metal braces are installed for children and adolescents, for them they can be colored. By the way, thanks to new technologies today, even traditional braces will be relatively invisible.

Damon self-ligating braces are an orthodontic system, the cost of which is higher compared to conventional metal braces. Thanks to the passive self-ligation system (pull-ups), these braces are more efficient and convenient. The price increase is given by the original design, in which, unlike conventional devices, there are no elastic ones that require regular replacement of the ligature. However, by installing Damon braces, you will be able to visit the orthodontist one and a half to two times less to activate orthodontic structures, which means that you save on the cost of a doctor.

Transparent braces. To make braces less noticeable, some manufacturers make clasps based on ceramics or medical sapphire – a transparent artificial stone. From afar, such structures are almost invisible, and from a close distance they can be seen only because of the thin arc passing along the outer surface of the teeth. Due to the complex production and high cost of materials, the cost of braces is higher than that of conventional metal.

Internal (lingual) braces. The locks of these orthodontic constructions are attached to the lingual (from the tongue side) surface of the teeth. For reliability of fastening and precisely calculated effect, each bracket for such equipment is made individually. An orthodontist to install braces also needs experience and special qualifications. Therefore, such designs are among the most expensive in orthodontics. But on the teeth, these braces will be completely invisible.

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In the Clinic, you can set Incognito lingual braces. Besides the “invisibility”, these orthodontic constructions have other advantages. For example, for the manufacture of braces locks, a hypoallergenic alloy based on gold is used, and an arc made taking into account the peculiarities of the dentition allows for a highly effective “point” effect.

Eliners OrthoSnap

These designs do not apply to braces – these are transparent mouth guards that you can remove for the duration of hygienic care procedures and in other cases. Eliners perform the same function as braces, and are able to successfully cope with most orthodontic problems. For each patient, a set of eliners is made individually in a laboratory in the USA in accordance with the initial cast and setup (planned final location of the teeth). Not surprisingly, such mouthguards are significantly more expensive than most types of braces.


The clinics offer special designs – OrthoSnap eliners, which are invisible on the teeth

The work of the orthodontist is a significant contribution to the cost of braces

In addition to the characteristics of the braces, the cost of these structures takes into account the work of the orthodontist, including:

  • Diagnosis and development of treatment regimens.
  • Installation of braces.
  • Braces activation – regular visits to the doctor to replace ligatures, install new arches, follow-up examination.
  • Removing braces.
  • Retainer fixation to stabilize the achieved result.
  • Ancillary operations (for example, the installation of a mini-implant).

The total cost of treatment is affected by its timing and complexity. As a rule, correction of occlusion and correction of other dentofacial pathologies takes an average of 1.5–2 years, it is not surprising that such a long treatment is expensive.

Prices for orthodontist services may also vary depending on the experience and qualifications of the doctor. Treatment by high-class professionals will cost you more. However, it must be borne in mind that a highly qualified orthodontist is fully responsible for the result even in the most difficult cases.

Unfortunately, our orthodontists sometimes have to adjust treatment regimens prescribed by doctors of other clinics and do not bring the desired result. The desire to save on the services of an orthodontist can lead to the fact that you will have to pay an additional consultation with third-party doctors, and the treatment time will increase significantly.

An important detail: the level of the clinic

The size and class of the orthodontic clinic also affects the price. But do not take this increase in value as an empty wrapping. With a slight increase in price, you get:

Better equipment

clinics are equipped with modern computer tomographs – equipment that is available in less than 5% of dental clinics. Thanks to computed tomography, the orthodontist will be able to calculate the treatment plan with maximum accuracy, and you will save time and money.

Safety and reliability

High-class clinics use safe and modern materials, technologies and drugs.

Warranties for treatment

Clinics offer you 7 guarantees for orthodontic treatment . You will receive the planned result on the planned dates – or we will refund your money.

  • The cost of braces depends on their design
  • Traditional metal braces are the most affordable option

How to reduce the cost of treatment with braces?

It is impossible to radically reduce the cost of orthodontic treatment without sacrificing its quality. But you will reduce your costs if:

  • Choose a knowledgeable, trusted specialist with good recommendations. Perhaps the cost of correcting the bite of such an orthodontist at first seems more expensive. However, in the end, it will come out cheaper due to shorter terms and higher treatment effectiveness.
  • The fact that poor-quality treatment by a low-skilled specialist did not bring any effect, you will find out only after a year or two of paid treatment, and you will have to reinstall braces from another doctor at your own expense.
  • Choose a clinic with a guarantee of price and result. In good medical centers you will be offered a contract in which a clause will be separately fixed that the price will not change during treatment. In our clinic, you pay for the result that you discussed with the doctor at the first appointment. If this result has not been achieved, we will either refund your money or offer to undergo further treatment free of charge before reaching your goal.
  • Choose cheaper braces. Of course, ordinary metal braces are more noticeable, and treatment with them may require a little more time – but such constructions will cost you one and a half times cheaper than “invisibility”.
  • Take advantage of credit opportunities . Many clinics allow you to get a loan for treatment. And in the clinic, you can take advantage of the interest-free installment plan: the cost of treatment is divided into 12 equal parts, which you pay monthly with a minimum burden on your budget. In addition, the cost of orthodontic correction can be reduced by receiving a tax deduction.

Finally, let us recall another advantageous opportunity – free consultations offered by leading clinics, including medical centers. With us, you don’t have to pay for the first consultation with the best orthodontist – in our clinic you pay not for services, but only for the result. Sign up for a free consultation – we are waiting for you!

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