ITIL Certification

What To Expect With ITIL Certification

ITIL Certification can be the key to advancing your career. At a time with downsizing, consolidations, and layoffs in many industry, finding ways to make yourself more indispensable and deemed greater value can go a long way towards maintaining your current position and setting yourself up for promotions and greater job responsibilities.

Of course, most people are all for this but many have little knowledge about the certification process and what to expect. Here, we provide a little insight into this training to give them a better feel for what they will find with their training.

The newest option for certification keys on training this is set forth in the ITIL Course. This option has been available for a number of years now and is viewed as a more holistic option over v2. In fact, v2 is expected to be phased out this year. Now, the training for v3 keys on improving the process for delivering services. The efforts are to make more efficient process that are most cost-effective but also mitigate risk.

The training itself is offered by a number of different programs, schools, and colleges. Their offerings can be found online where you can find options for taking classes online or in a more traditional in-person class room setting. In fact, you will be able to register and setup your courses online.

As for the costs of these courses, it will depend on the number of classes you are taking with each course. But most will generally be about 3 to 5 classes for each course and have a cost ranging from $2,000 to $4,000. Of course, these estimates may vary some depending on the program.

People will find that the training actually has several different levels of ITIL certification. In this case, the v3 has 4 levels: Foundation, intermediate, Expert, and Master. In practice, the Master level is really for teaching and so most will be keying on the other levels.

The first level is the Foundation level. This one is provides a basic framework to the rest of training. Once it is completed, you will get 2 credits. These credits are used to help meet higher levels. For example, to reach the Intermediate level, you will need 15 credits.

Now, to get these other credits, you will get to choose from several different volumes that are offered fewer than two main modules: Lifecycle and Capacity modules. Each course your select will key on one of the volumes of these modules.

You are able to choose options from both modules too. Also, to reach the expert level, you will need to get a total of 22 credits and complete the Managing across the Life cycle module.

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