Why do you need diagnostics before installing braces?

The quality of the installation of braces largely depends on the skill of the orthodontist. He carries out a whole system of complex calculations in order to select the ideal treatment regimen. All calculations are based on the results of a preliminary survey. What diagnostics will you be offered to go through before installing braces in the clinic and why should the doctor see all your pictures and casts?

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Beauty requires accurate calculation and planning (pictured here is Anna Breutman, orthodontist at the Clinic)

  • The whole truth about first person braces!
  • Find out what guarantees should be and how to save on treatment
  • What diagnostics are needed before installing braces?

To install braces as efficiently as possible, you will need to undergo comprehensive diagnostics. In the clinic “” we do:

  • an orthopantomogram, it’s also panoramic photography;
  • tele-roentgenogram – shooting in lateral projection;
  • molds and photographs of teeth.

We are often asked how the orthopantomogram (OPTG) differs from a conventional x-ray of the jaw.

OPTG vs X-ray

The main difference between OPTG is a 70–90% reduced radiation exposure compared to x-rays. Diagnosis is safe for children and even expectant mothers. What does OPTG show?

Hidden inflammations, neoplasms, carious cavities, and uncracked teeth.

How root canals are sealed.

The quality of bone tissue.

The axis of the location of the roots of the teeth, which is especially important to see the orthodontist for installing braces. Any selected area of ​​the image is available for the best study. Unlike an x-ray, an orthopantomogram has a much higher image clarity and covers all teeth, which is why it is called a panoramic image.

Diagnostics before installing braces

Diagnostics, planning, installation: only in this order!

What is the need for diagnostics before installing braces?

After collecting all the casts and pictures, the most jewelry and subtle part of the work begins. An orthodontist must accurately calculate the movement of teeth under the influence of braces, like a commander who plans a victorious battle. Only an absolutely correct calculation and consideration of all factors will allow you to reach the desired result – your perfect smile. Everything matters here:

  • bone thickness and height;
  • axial directions of root growth;
  • general condition of teeth and oral cavity;
  • quality of filling channels.

The doctor evaluates the relative position of the teeth and the force of pressure on the braces, draws up a treatment plan and coordinates it with you. To calculate the movement of teeth in braces, you need fresh examination data. Accurate and high-quality diagnosis is the basis for subsequent effective treatment, so the orthodontist really needs all the casts and pictures. Diagnosis allows you to predict the duration of treatment, its main stages and sequence. Since treatment with braces is a rather long process, correct and accurate diagnosis will allow the patient to plan his life and understand what awaits him. If after the diagnosis there is no clear understanding of the treatment plan for several months in advance (or even a period of more than a year), then it is better to refuse the services of such a clinic.

Diagnostic Features at the Clinic

Many medical institutions do not have the necessary equipment, so they are sent for examination to other clinics. In the “” you will go through everything at once. And when diagnosing on the day of the initial consultation, you will receive a significant discount that will save you money. Our qualified orthodontists will perform accurate calculations and develop several treatment plans to choose from. The doctor always takes into account your aesthetic preferences, so you approve the final plan together with the orthodontist, based on your own idea of ​​the perfect smile.

Braces at any age

You can get the perfect smile at any age

When installing braces, you will receive 7 guarantees of results, which will provide 100% confidence in successful treatment. At your service are orthodontists who have completed over 220 continuing education courses and abroad. Due to the high qualification of doctors, the treatment time can be reduced to six months, and you will have to visit the clinic less often. And don’t be bothered by financial issues! In “” you can set braces in installments at 0%. We will draw up all the necessary documents in the clinic. There is only one step left to the perfect smile. Sign up for a free consultation and give yourself a dream come true in the most comfortable conditions!

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