5 tips for finding the perfect plus size pants

The quest for the perfect women pants online UAE can quickly take on the appearance of an impossible mission: it is difficult to find the piece that will sublimate your curves while being comfortable and stylish. Rest assured, it is less difficult than it sounds, and certainly not impossible. Discover our 5 tips for finding the perfect plus size pants!

Choose according to your morphology

The perfect plus size pants are obviously the one in which you will feel good and beautiful. For this, there are not thirty-six solutions; you have to choose a pant cut that will highlight your body type. We start with a small morphology top to help you choose the perfect cut of round women’s pants!

Morphology in A

Women with an A-shape have their hips, thighs and buttocks wider than the upper body, and especially the shoulders. The right plus size pants for this body type must rebalance the silhouette by slimming the hips: boot cut and flare cut are your best options!

V-shaped morphology

The V-shape is the reverse of the A: the shoulders are wider than the hips. Women with a V-shaped body shape, whether round or not, often have fairly thin legs, which should not be hesitated to highlight. Thus, a large size pants straight cut or even slim will be perfect.

Morphology in 8

If you have an 8 body shape, your hips and shoulders are aligned and your waist is marked. In the pants department, you can afford almost anything, and don’t hesitate to wear high waist pants to highlight yours!

H morphology

The H-shaped morphology is quite close to an 8, except that the size is not marked. If this is your case, we advise you to opt for large size straight or cigarette pants if you have thin legs, or for a wide leg cut if you like the look. 

Find the right materials

Always with a view to highlighting your curves, we advise you to pay attention to the materials you choose to wear. It is always preferable to opt for fabrics that are rather fluid and have a nice drape: they will conform to your shapes without molding them.

Conversely, we do not recommend stretch and ultra-tight materials (definitely not chic) ​​as well as pieces that are too rigid and / or thick, such as tweed or corduroy for example. We don’t dwell on curvy jeans; we’ve devoted an entire article to them! Either way, opts for trendy plus size pants.

Daring the right colors

In the color department, there is no real prohibition for plus size pants. The important thing to remember is that bright colors are eye-catching and can sometimes thicken the figure. If your goal is to slim your legs, it’s best to avoid overly flashy colors and stick to more subdued shades like navy blue, black, charcoal gray, etc. The same goes for the patterns: we like it, as long as you feel comfortable!

Know your measurements!

It may seem obvious to you, but few women know their measurements! Because, yes, measurements and size of clothes, they are two different things. If you buy your plus size pants in a store, you don’t need to take your measurements – you can try on different sizes and find the perfect fit.

On the other hand, if you buy online, be aware that sizes can vary from brand to brand, so it is best to always check the size chart, and in fact know your measurements. Do not hesitate to take a look at our selection of the most beautiful curvy boutiques. Believe us, those few minutes of measuring yourself will save you a lot of product returns.

Don’t hesitate to have your plus size pants altered

When you’re round, it’s not always easy to find pants that fit your hips, buttocks, thighs, stomach and leg length at the same time, even if you shop at well-known brands for their plus size collection.

We therefore advise you never to hesitate to have your clothes altered: it is better to invest a little in nice plus size pants, which suit you perfectly, than to have two or three which more or less suit you.


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