5 tips to find your style

As I told you in the introduction to this site, I myself have been looking for my dress style for a long time. I found that all the other women were better dressed than me, that they had a more worked, more sophisticated style and that they had “that little extra thing”, this gift for choosing clothes that I did not have.

And then one day I understood: our style evolves with us throughout our lives, its okay to spend time looking for it! I would even say it’s pretty healthy, it assumes that we change over time, mature and see the world differently. Our needs are constantly changing and that keeps us creative, don’t you think?

Our 5 tips to find your style

Find your own definition of style

But first of all, what does it mean to you to have style? Is it dressing in an original way and especially not like the others? Is that dressing the most flattering for your body type? Does that mean telling a story? Does this sound like someone you admire? Is it following the trends.

Here is my personal definition of style:

To be honest, I’m a little embarrassed by this notion of having found your style or not, as if not having found it was a failure in itself. I don’t believe that having a dress style that defines us is essential, even when we love fashion. No, what is essential is to feel good in your clothes and to be in tune with the image that our clothes convey to others. Of course, we can decide to completely free ourselves from what our looks refer to people. Wear only what you like, including the gothic look at thirty if we feel like it… In that case, I can only congratulate you because it is a sign of great self-confidence that I really admire!

For me, having style is about feeling good in your clothes and feeling in harmony with the self-image you convey to others. It’s all about self-confidence, no matter what your style (a shame!).

Choose the story you want to tell with your clothes

You know the saying, it is often said that appearances are deceptive. Above all, we are lucky to be able to tell all the stories we want with our clothes. Elegant, casual, glamorous, rocker… you can choose to be whoever you want with your clothes!

Obviously, the best is to dress according to our personality, the idea we have of ourselves and the one we want to convey to those around us. What do you want to say about yourself through your clothes? Nothing special? That you are a cheerful person? Whether you are introverted or extroverted by nature? Do you like simplicity? That you want to highlight your strengths, what you like about yourself?

Everything is possible; you are free to dress according to your desires whether it is from ready to wear women clothing. You can also decide to be all of these people at the same time one day after another, there is no rule.

So imagine the person you want to be and define what clothes you could wear to be that person.

For example, my priority is to wear comfortable clothes that adapt to my daily life with two children, including a baby. So I could just wear joggers and sneakers BUT I also want to be feminine and elegant. For me it is important to convey this polished image to others. I see this as a mark of respect for myself and those around me. The story that I want to tell people is therefore this one: “once upon a time, there was a young mother active and comfortable in her skin, who advocated comfort and simplicity but who did not want to give up elegance…

Dressing in a simple and elegant way therefore requires me to wear basic but well-cut clothes, which suit my body perfectly. My outfits are often minimalist because I love the Scandinavian style and for me the “effortless chic” side is the very notion of elegance. My ideal outfit? Slim jeans, a silk shirt and a pair of flat boots. But for you, simplicity may rhyme with a pair of black pumps, a black skirt, a lace top…

Your story may be different. For example, you may want to tell the story of a happy, outgoing woman who loves to party and who has kept her childlike soul. So you might want to wear bright colors because the colors match this definition of the happy woman you want to be … You understand?

But you might as well be a happy, outgoing woman without wearing pink or colors… There are no rules; we have the right to have fun with clichés or to want to play with our appearances.


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