How to wear the long dress when you are little?

We find ourselves today with a new look. I was finally able to shoot an outfit after the deconfinement. In fact, my shooting attempts in my backyard were absolutely not a success. So I stopped the looks on the blog for the last few weeks. I’m really happy to be able to take them back because I have a lot to show you!

My long dress France Petite and So What

I’m wearing my new Petite and So What long dress. What I love about this dress is that it can be combined with all the shoes in her shoes for looks with different styles:

With black boots and a perfecto for a rock look,

With heeled sandals or wedge espadrilles for an elegant look,

With sandals and a basket for a summery look,

With Converse and a denim jacket or shirt for a casual look, etc.

Wear the long dress when you are a short woman

We believed for a long time that you couldn’t wear long dresses when you’re little. It was while trying on my wedding dresses a few years ago that I realized that long dresses could also suit little ones! Here are some tips for choosing a long dress when you’re little:

A long, high-waist dress

As always, the higher the waist, the more it will slender the figure and make us feel tall. We therefore prefer a long dress with the highest possible waist. If you buy ready to wear women clothing then it may create a little difference in size.

A dress not too flared, without too many ruffles

Avoid choosing dresses that are too flared which will tend to pack. The same goes for the ruffles and the frills at the level of the skirt, which tend to weigh down the silhouette.

Mark the size well

It is important to mark the size well to always avoid compressing the silhouette.

Finally, I think that we should not forget rule number one: have fun and above all wear clothes that we like and in which we feel comfortable!

What to avoid:

If you want to fall in love with the oversize trend, there are a few things to avoid. For example, we avoid wearing wide pants with an XXL shirt. It might pack you down. Also, remember to iron your shirt well so that it is nickel, otherwise it could make it look too casual.

How to wear the oversized shirt?

Among these trends and these pieces we find the plain or striped shirt. A classic piece that has been revisited in an oversized version. But how to wear it to have a stylish look? Here are a few tips:

The oversized shirt will go perfectly tucked into a long sheath skirt for a style that is both chic and casual.

You can also imagine it with mom jeans and a pair of heels. The oversized shirt can also be worn in summer over shorts with a straw hat and a basket.

Thanks to its length, you can also tie it at the bottom for an assumed casual look. Pair it with jeans and a pair of sneakers and voila!


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