Buying Guide: 4 Essentials for a Basic Wardrobe

Because summer is coming, you suddenly want to shop and replenish your wardrobe. Yes, but! Before you go shopping, do you have all the basics that will allow you to create Pinterest-like looks? Here are some essential purchases to make as well as our best tips in terms of materials and cuts.

Pret Shirt

To choose a basic Pret shirt , start with the color. It is often thought that the preferred colors are white and black. Do not forget the grays, as well as the scratches! It matches with as much clothing as black and white. How to choose the right textiles for your t-shirts? Everything depends on your tastes! For ready to wear shirt that is good, we prefer cotton to viscose.  Thinner and soft, they offer great resistance in addition to being wrinkle-free or almost.

 Black pants

The black pants are a must in the basic wardrobe. It can be worn with a high heel to be chic or a pair of sneakers for a casual look.


How to choose the right black pants?

– Try several sizes of the same model

Even if you know your greatness, dare to try the same model in a larger size and smaller. You will see, some models will fall better if they are more or less tight legs or size. Also consider: some tissues may stretch.


– Stay true to the brands you like 

Do you like a model or a brand? Why change a winning formula? You will often invest several dollars for your pants, go with the brands that you know, that you like and especially that last in time. No need to buy a big brand, dare to try the brands of women’s shops! You might be surprised at the cuts and styles offered.


– Choose the right components


When we buy black pants, we want it to last. What are the sustainable materials? Choose comfortable pants, with a little elastane, no more than 4% -5% to ensure the durability of the material. If you like stretch jeans, go for a maximum of 2% lycra. You will avoid buying jeans that get bigger when you wear it. Look also at the seams and the finish. Finally, wash your pants upside down in cold water, regardless of brand and material. Avoid the dryer. You will be sure to keep the black color of your favorite pants for a long time!


A neutral dress

No need to be black, your dress! We often see the classic little black dress (prn). There are so many beautiful sober colors, go for something other than black! Dark gray, pale gray or navy … The important thing is that you are comfortable in your dress!

A jeans


Whether it is dark or pale, the important thing is to choose a pair of jeans that suits you.Do not just rely on the price to buy your basic pair of jeans. However, it must be neutral enough to match almost all your highs.

You must also be so comfortable that you will want to wear it every day. By respecting these 2 rules, you will certainly find the pair of jeans that will complete your minimalist wardrobe. For the cut, there is something for everyone! Start from the shape of your figure to start your shopping.


So before you start your fall shopping, make a list of must-haves. With these bases, you can add accessories, or a little color. Finally, do not forget that the basics, it is maintained! The more meticulous you are in maintaining the clothes you love, the more they will accompany you through the seasons! Shop Online Good shopping!

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