Gum bleeding: what does the symptom mean?

Gum bleeding

Do you notice blood when brushing your teeth or flossing? This may be a sign of an onset oral disease or a signal of the presence of general problems with the body. In any case, it is worth paying attention to this symptom, without waiting for the development of the disease.

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When brushing your teeth, there should be no discomfort or bleeding

What is the reason?

All causes of bleeding gums can be divided into several groups:

Wrong (insufficient) oral care, poor hygiene. In gum pockets and other hard-to-reach places food debris accumulates. If the cleaning is irregular or improper, the gums may become inflamed. Soft plaque over time can turn into tartar, which also worsens the condition of the gums.

Inflammatory diseases: gingivitis, periodontal disease. The previous reason – poor hygiene – is one of the risk factors for their development. Diseases are accompanied by chronic inflammation, bad breath , and in the absence of treatment can lead to loosening of the teeth and their loss.

Common diseases of the body : decreased immunity, bleeding disorders, acute lack of vitamins, especially C, diabetes mellitus and some others.

There are also a number of reasons that indirectly affect the condition of the gums. Among them are smoking, as well as food. If the diet is dominated by soft foods and fast food, but not enough fruits and vegetables, especially raw ones, in combination with other factors, this can lead to the development of gum disease.

How to strengthen the gums

Raw Vegetables and Fruits – Great Workout for Teeth and Gums

What is bleeding dangerous?

Bleeding in itself is not dangerous; it is just an unpleasant symptom. But if this is not a one-time case when, for example, you injured your gum with a toothbrush that was too hard, consult your dentist.

If there is constant inflammation in the oral cavity, it can develop into an acute one at any time when, due to stress or other reasons, the body’s defenses are weakened. Then an emergency call to the clinic will be required.

Gingivitis and periodontal disease are chronic diseases, the development of which is easier to prevent at an early stage than later to treat the consequences – loosening and tooth loss. After all, far from always and not all prosthetics technologies can be applied if this disease is diagnosed.

An insignificant, at first glance, symptom can turn into serious problems and treatment costs in the future!


Do not forget to regularly change your toothbrush and choose a softer

What can be done at home?

Noticing blood while brushing, pay attention to the appearance of the gums. If there are no signs of obvious inflammation, reddened areas, you can use home remedies.

Change your toothbrush. It already needs to be changed regularly – as a rule, everyone forgets to do it. Choose a softer brush.

Change the paste and mouthwash. As a rule, for gum diseases, products containing plant extracts (oak bark, etc.) are recommended. Such pastes usually do not contain abrasive substances and are suitable for everyone. Rinse aid is best used not only in the morning and evening, but also after eating during the day.

Pay more attention to cleaning. Let the movements be softer and more delicate, but the process itself is a little longer than usual – instead of 2–4 minutes. Such massage strengthens gums well.

If you have not used an irrigator before, start doing it. Massage using ordinary water or a solution of a medicinal product (the instructions for irrigators usually indicate which elixirs can be added to water) quickly eliminates inflammation and perfectly strengthens the gums, as well as cleans the teeth like no home remedy can.

Start snacking with raw vegetables and fruits. For proper functioning, teeth and gums need a load in the form of chewing solid food, and it is usually not enough in the diet of a modern person.

Oral irrigator

An irrigator in combination with a rinse aid helps with gum disease

If you don’t get rid of bleeding within 2-3 weeks, the cause may be more serious. In this case, plan a visit to the dentist.

We have already written more than once that the development of serious diseases of the oral cavity is much easier to prevent. Then the treatment will be much simpler and save you time and money . In the case of gums, just an unpleasant symptom can turn into a very time-consuming treatment and even possible loss of teeth. Therefore, prevention is very important. Do not delay the visit to the doctor! Make an appointment, and experienced dentists at the Clinic will definitely help you!

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