Interview with an orthopedic surgeon: installing veneers requires high qualifications

Get a perfect smile quickly – isn’t it a tempting idea? The more popular veneers become, the more questions they are asked about.

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The candidate of medical sciences, assistant of the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry and Materials Science,

Orthopedic Clinic

Doctor, tell me, what affects the cost of veneers?

Three factors have a decisive influence:

  • Material;
  • Qualifications of specialists – doctors and technicians;
  • Level of equipment of the dental laboratory.

Highly qualified specialists make veneers that look completely natural in any environment.

For wearing comfort and durability, maximum veneer fit is required. If it is not provided, then the food will get stuck between the tooth and the structure. As a result, halitosis occurs, the pads may break off or stain.

The higher the qualifications of specialists, the better, more beautiful and more durable the result.

And how to choose veneers?

You choose only the clinic, which are ready to entrust their health. The treatment regimen and veneers are chosen by the doctor. He evaluates the overall clinical picture, the condition of specific teeth, takes into account the needs of the patient and draws up an individual work plan.

What is the significance of veneer material?

Veneer is a construction made of composite or non-metal materials. The aesthetics and durability of the design depend on the choice of material.

Clinic works only with laboratory-made ceramic veneers. This allows you to achieve a beautiful, natural smile and maximum comfort wearing design. In our work we use E-max ceramics.

Why do you work with E-max, why is this system attractive?

This is a very simple question! E-max Cementless Ceramics is the latest generation material for the manufacture of veneers and crowns. It is designed to meet the current requirements of aesthetic and functional dentistry. E-max retains color throughout its entire life cycle, even a very long one. The material does not fade, does not stain.

Perfect smile

Hollywood celebrities are actively using the possibilities of veneers to create the perfect smile

It is often written on the Internet that veneers damage teeth. It’s true?

Installing veneers requires pre-treatment of the teeth. One of the most important design features is that the minimum preparation (grinding) of the tooth is carried out within the enamel layer, but not deeper. Therefore, such designs do not harm tooth tissues.

How often do veneers need to be changed? Will I need to re-grind my teeth then?

As a rule, our veneers do not require replacement, since the E-max is durable and stable. Therefore, while maintaining the same clinical situation in the oral cavity, veneers can stand for a very long time.

We install veneers when we understand that the structure can withstand the load in the existing clinical conditions. And these conditions need to be maintained: to go to the orthopedist for a routine examination once a year, to comply with all hygienic and medical recommendations of the attending physicians.

Changes in the clinical picture can occur for various reasons, but most of them are the consequences of non-compliance with hygiene or prevention. For example, due to neglect of the doctor’s recommendations, caries may develop, which will require treatment or even tooth extraction. If you like hard foods, like apples or carrots, cut them into small pieces before eating.

When re-manufacturing veneers, as a rule, additional preparation of dental tissues is not required.

I repeat, any orthopedic design requires attention, care and preventive monitoring. Be attentive to dental health and follow the recommendations of our clinic specialists. Together, we will maintain the health of your teeth, which will be the key to the durability of veneers.

Tooth veneer

Veneers require careful handling and regular preventive examination by a specialist

Some doctors suggest that patients correct aesthetics with veneers instead of using braces to level the bite. What will happen to veneers if you put them in the wrong bite?

There is an erroneous opinion of patients that any pathology of the dentition and dentition can be corrected with crowns or veneers. This is not true. When prosthetics, several factors are important:

  • The position of the roots of the teeth, and not their crown part;
  • Types of bite.

There are contraindications for the manufacture of veneers. For example, the presence of a filling or the incorrect position of the roots of the teeth. Therefore, it is sometimes impossible to achieve the desired aesthetic result without prior orthodontic preparation.

In such cases, we first have to correct the position of the teeth and the pathology of the bite with braces. If you do not do this, and immediately put the veneers, then this leads to a whole set of negative consequences, for example, the inability to ensure a good fit of the plates to the teeth. This is ugly and dangerous, as it can lead to chipping pads.

If you are asked to correct venom flaws, you should change the clinic.

Based on eighteen years of experience and practice accepted at the Clinic, I’ll say for sure: a good doctor first evaluates the clinical picture and condition of the teeth, and only then offers a plan for aesthetic improvement or treatment.

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