We Solve Cosmetic Problems: What Is The Aesthetic Restoration Of The Dentition Capable Of?

Your smile has lost its appeal? Do you suffer from chipped, chipped, or even cracked teeth? Are you afraid that small defects can lead to serious damage or even tooth loss? Aesthetic restoration of teeth will help you. We will tell you what cosmetic problems can be solved with the help of aesthetic dentistry.

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When is a restoration needed?

Modern dentists have a huge toolbox that allows you to restore the shape of your teeth and return a smile to aesthetic appeal in the most difficult cases. The need for restoration may arise for various reasons:

Tooth injury. A chip or crack due to accidental impact or falling due to the habit of biting hard objects in other cases. You can get rid of minor injuries of this kind with the help of aesthetic dentistry.

Small chips and crests usually do not cause the patient pain and inconvenience. However, we still recommend that you consult a doctor as soon as you notice such a defect. A slight appearance of damage may indicate a serious problem. For example, an internal split that needs to be detected as early as possible in order to save a tooth.

Increased abrasion of teeth. With this disease, by the age of thirty, irregularities and chipped teeth appear, smoothing of the chewing surfaces of molars occurs. If you leave the process unattended, over time, teeth can be sharpened to the gums. But increased tooth abrasion is not only a cosmetic defect. It causes violations of the physiological work of the entire dentition, as a result of which headaches and neck pains and other unpleasant symptoms appear. Restoring stoned teeth will not only make you more beautiful, but also help you maintain good health.

Installation of veneers

Veneers restore the beauty of a smile and prevent increased tooth abrasion

Neglected caries. If you do not pay enough attention to the treatment of caries and until the last delay the visit to the dentist, the tooth tissue can be significantly destroyed. Modern technology allows you to build a tooth even with almost complete destruction of the crown. But regularly visiting your doctor with preventive visits, you will avoid these complex and expensive procedures.

Hereditary or congenital features. The need for cosmetic procedures may arise, for example, if one of the incisors or canines is longer than the second. Sometimes the problem can be fixed by orthodontic methods. In other cases, the teeth have to grind or grow to achieve the same length.

Regardless of the method of restoration, before restoration you will need to completely solve all problems in the oral cavity: to cure tooth decay, gingivitis and other diseases of the gums and teeth.

What methods are used for aesthetic restoration of the dentition?

Methods of tooth restoration are selected depending on the problem, your wishes and, of course, financial capabilities.


Tooth extension using composite materials will suit you in the presence of small chips, uneven coloring of the teeth or too wide a gap between the front incisors. Filling is also used to restore a slightly destroyed crown after treatment of caries.

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How to make an implant last 50 years?

The procedure itself is quite simple, but requires a lot of experience and knowledge from the doctor:

  • the doctor prepares your teeth in a special way for better adhesion to the composite material;
  • the composite is selected in color to the natural enamel of the teeth;
  • the doctor gradually applies the polymer, drying each layer with ultraviolet light;
  • after restoration of the tooth size, it is leveled and polished, giving the final shape. Restoration is an artwork and requires skill and experience from the doctor.

The advantages of filling are the opportunity to solve the problem in one visit to the doctor, sparing effect on the enamel, strength, safety and high aesthetic qualities. The disadvantages of the method include the duration of the procedure (it may take up to an hour to restore one tooth) and the lower resistance of the composite polymer compared to crowns.

Lumineers and veneers

These restoration tools are miniature lining made of porcelain or composite, which are attached to the front surface of the teeth. This method of aesthetic restoration of the front teeth will allow you to solve the problem with small surface defects of the teeth, discoloration or increased abrasion. Of course, with a strong destruction of the crown, it will be impossible to install lumineers or veneers.

The difference between lumineers and veneers is their thickness. Veneers are large: the lining thickness reaches 0.5 mm, in connection with which the tooth must be sharpened before installing the plate. Lumineers have a thickness of only 0.2 mm, so the teeth do not grind when these pads are installed. If desired, lumineers can be removed without any consequences.

Installation of lumineers and veneers is a rather lengthy process. If the choice is made in favor of veneers, during the first visit the doctor polishes the surface of the tooth and sets a temporary lining. Further:

  • the specialist takes a picture of the jaws, which is sent to a special laboratory for the manufacture of pads;
  • at the second visit, veneers or lumineers are placed on the teeth and fixed using special composite glue.
  • The advantages of this restoration method:
  • lack of need for painkillers;
  • concomitant decrease in tooth sensitivity;
  • durability of the result.

The disadvantage of this method is its relative high cost.


The results of aesthetic restoration of teeth in the clinic “”


The installation of crowns is the most common method of restoration of the dentition, known for many decades. Modern crowns allow for a high-quality restoration of a tooth, making it absolutely indistinguishable from natural “brethren.” Usually this method is resorted to when more than half the tooth is destroyed. At the same time, using the pins, the doctor has the opportunity to restore the appearance of the tooth, from which at least 2 mm of the natural surface is left.

Steps for installing crowns:

  • caries treatment; with severe destruction of the supragingival part of the tooth – installation of a pin or stump insert, grinding of the tooth;
  • making a cast and plaster model;
  • installation of a temporary crown;
  • setting a permanent crown.

Advantages of crowns: excellent aesthetic quality even with severe tooth decay, high strength and long service life. The disadvantages of this recovery method are the need for anesthesia, a relatively high invasiveness, and sometimes the need to “adjust” the crown for shrinkage.

Unfortunately, in some cases restoration is not possible, the tooth has to be removed. You can restore the dentition and return to the smile impeccability with the help of implantation. The cost of the procedure is not an obstacle for the clients of the  Center. With us you can get any treatment by installments and without overpayments. Lending is carried out on conditions convenient for you and gives you the opportunity to use the best dental services at the right time.

In the  clinic, you will receive not only high-quality treatment, but also a guarantee for the achieved result . Our experts will be happy to advise you on the aesthetic restoration of the dentition and implantation. Sign up – initial consultation is free!

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