How to dress (and not dress!) for an interview

The day of your job interview has arrived and suddenly your wardrobe seems to have disappeared entirely!

The first impression you give to the interviewer depends a lot on your appearance. Even though the people in the industry you will be working in dress quite casually, we recommend that you present yourself in your best light. You want to show the employer that you are serious about the process.

Also, if you feel that you are dressed impeccably, you will be more confident and this feeling will be reflected in your body language and the way you express yourself.

To get there, you don’t have to rush into the shops and spend a fortune on jackets, blouses and shoes! Some pieces are timeless, affordable and most importantly, are a sure bet no matter what field of employment you want.


Ladies, as far as you are concerned, you have more options. You can swap the traditional pants and matching suit for the pencil skirt and the loose-fitting plain or light patterned blouse.

Trousers are also a staple that you can wear with blouses for women UAE and blazer-style jacket. Choose a shoe that is comfortable and comfortable: your new, unworn pair of court shoes is not the most optimal choice on this important day.

Above all, choose an outfit in which you are comfortable. Tip: If from the moment you put on your blouse you don’t feel comfortable because your last button threatens to explode, or your skirt has the annoying habit of getting up at the slightest movement, change your clothes! Your discomfort would quickly be felt in your gestures, and this could hinder your performance in the interview.

Some tips for how you look in an interview

There are no hard and fast rules, all recruiters are marked with different details. Still, you can showcase yourself and increase your credibility by following these ten general tips for choosing your next interview look.

  1. Adopt good hygiene

Pay special attention to the care of your nails and the cleanliness of your hair.

  1. Don’t wear perfume

Some people struggle with allergies, so you don’t want to bother them the moment you arrive.

  1. Find out about the company dress code

The dress code of an advertising agency is certainly not the same as that of a financial company. The communications, web, animation and VFX industries are renowned for nurturing a corporate culture that values ​​creativity. Employees who express their originality through their dress style are therefore often seen as more creative by their peers.

If you are looking for a job in one of these industries, then feel free to show off your personal creativity, while keeping a professional appearance.

  1. If in doubt, wear a dark suit.

Avoid dressing all in black. Although the company dress code is very casual, do not wear jeans. You haven’t landed the job yet; the recruiter should feel that you are making an effort to present yourself well.

  1. Get inspired by fashion trends

Bet on classic pieces that you can match with trendy pieces. Up-to-date clothing will give you a trendy and avant-garde look, a quality sought after in certain areas.

Clothing flops to avoid

Don’t spend a fortune on outfits you will only wear once to an interview! Choose classic fits and neutral colors that you can don and match with other pieces you own. The main thing is to choose clothes in which you feel comfortable.


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