How to dress for a winter wedding?

Knowing what to dress for a wedding is always complicated, but knowing what to wear for a winter wedding is even more difficult when it is imperative to cover up. Check out our tips for keeping a stylish look at a ceremony even when the temperatures drop.

The outfit for a winter wedding is a real headache. While most ceremonies wait for the sunny days to bloom, these lovebirds have decided to say “yes” to each other during the hibernation period, brushing aside the prospect of wearing your favorite little dress. Come on; no need to take out the handkerchiefs before you find yourself in front of the mayor: the charms of winter are numerous and if the bride has found her outfit, so can you. Show off despite the frost: instructions for use.

Can we wear black?

Remember that wearing black (or white) to a wedding is subject to conditions, including mixing it to brighten it up at all costs. A black dress at a wedding can be tolerated, but with contrasting accessories, shiny touches.

If you absolutely want to wear this dark color, save it for a piece that you can embellish with a brighter one: a skirt (with black tights) rather than a dress, pants rather than a jumpsuit. This will allow you to moderate the colors if you are not used to it while still bringing the necessary joy to the celebration.

What outfit to wear?

Take advantage of this seasonal restriction to discover all the pieces, except the usual bare little ceremony dress, offered by the women’s wardrobe by varying the pieces and cuts first. Ladies jump suits UAE, palazzo pants, culottes and tuxedo are chic and warm alternatives to tights.

Can’t you plan on getting married without a beautiful dress? Play lengths, midi or long, with thin tights.

Distinguish yourself with an original coat: cape, oversized cut, with or without collar.

Give in sophisticated detail. Embroidery, sequins, prints will be welcome to brighten up your outfit, especially if it is not rich in intense colors.

Choose strong accessories that take on added significance when you can’t count on the purity of a summer figure. Minaudi√®re, shoes, gloves and jewelry: it is on them that you can count for that extra soul so much sought after.

Which subjects to choose?

Ban rustic knits and waterproof technical materials straight away.

Forget cotton and linen. No need to negotiate with seasonality, beautiful cotton can be chic in summer; it will never be associated with tights or a coat in winter.

Opt for precious seasonal fabrics ideal for a special occasion: velvets, silks, plush woolen fabrics, faux fur, plumages, Angora wool or even brocade will upgrade your look. Choose to wear them separately as paired for a textured silhouette.

How to dress warmly?

Bet on a very beautiful coat because it is the piece that will be seen the most during the ceremony whether it is a religious, civil or secular wedding. So avoid the parka you wear every day.

Take gloves. Indeed, what could be more chic than pretty fine leather gloves? Now is the time to take them out and keep your hands warm!

Choose a pretty scarf similar to a chic shawl because it can also warm you up during the evening.

Do not forget that the hat remains a classic wedding accessory always very effective (especially to protect your head from low temperatures). A pretty Fedora will do just fine.

Don’t forget to put a well-chosen jacket under your coat for an extra layer outside and serve as a luxury vest indoors. Of course, the blazer or the tuxedo jackets are safe values.

Select your top, blouse or dress in a warm material such as wool, velvet or silk.

Opt for fairly thick tights, if you are wearing a skirt or dress (tights are also a good idea under pants or a jumpsuit to keep your legs warmer).

Do not hesitate to put thermal / Thermolactyl underwear like those from the Damart brand under your outfit, if the cut of your clothes allows you to do so without them being visible (even a little! It would spoil your figure.


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