Summer at the office: What clothes to wear to stay pro?

Its official, summer is here. If we had not necessarily noticed it (thank you weather forecast), our friends made it clear to us by showing off on social networks from any beach. In the meantime, at work, we are almost suffocating with heat in this slightly fitted skirt suit, and we dream of coming to work in a swimsuit.

To avoid the professional scandal – and the riot – we thought of three portable summer pieces in the office and essential to our summer survival.

Working in the summer, as we know now, is not always fun. Hours too long, air conditioning too strong, offices too empty. We spend our day looking outside and, strangely, the weather turns slightly grayer as the weekend approaches.

In addition, when we take a look in our closet, we realize that all those summer pieces won loyally during the sales are starting to wither away on our mismatched hangers. Let’s be honest, it smacks of depression. However, these little wonders are not necessarily doomed to stay in the closet.

We can even match them with more classic pieces to concoct an operational summer look in the office. And have a reason to be happy to have stayed in town for part of the season.

The short look

A controversial item for a few years, shorts now appear as an authorized item of clothing in a certain work context (at the bank, we forget).

However, we calm our ardor and we do not play it for all that poum poum Brazilian style while maintaining decent length and width (which covers our buttocks and the top of our thighs well and does not outrageously mold our curves, in short). The ideal remain to wear it with printed blouses for women UAE, sandals – flat or heels – and jacket in the morning.

The dress look

Summer rhymes with dress, it’s universal. Flowery, arched, long, we collect them year after year and we are delighted to bring them out once the first rays of sun are announced. And contrary to prejudices, they can also be worn in the office.

Even in a strict work environment, a knee-length dress (or a little above) with ballet flats or a pair of sandals makes us look suited – and more bearable than a suit – to a day’s work. If you’re afraid of bare shoulders or a low-cut neckline, opt for a slightly loose blazer that dresses up any spring outfit.

The camisole look

Flagship trend of the season, the camisole goes with everything. Carrot pants, chic shorts, a pencil skirt. Its thin straps and dressy shape let us breathe without showing too much. We do not hesitate to buy several, just to cling to it like the Holy Grail of light clothing and not seem to always wear the same outfits.

Printed for the trendiest, plain for the most classic and each to its own. The ideal look: a white camisole (anti-heat), black carrot pants (which let breathe more than skinny jeans), a pair of camel wedges (to refine without getting in the way), silver jewelry and a pastel bag (for the summer button).

Fashion faux pas

Because they are absolutely unforgivable, work obliges. When we get up in the morning to go to work, we are therefore careful not to:

> Betting on a dress a bit too short that would prevent us from bending down. Imagine: a sheet flies from the photocopier, we bend over and … international drama. It’s up to us to judge whether it’s worth losing all credibility for a not-so-pretty mini.

> Mix the prints. It’s the office, not Fashion Week. We’ll play adventurers later. Today, we have a file to finish and a serious reputation to keep. Yes it is cruel.

All we have to do is copy to spend a summer at the office in all serenity!


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