Toothache: what is the reason?

Any pain signals us about some kind of health problem. In this sense, dentistry has a great advantage over other areas of medicine: all types of pain are well studied, and diagnosis is carried out quickly and accurately.

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If you suddenly have a toothache, the doctor, as a rule, finds the cause of the pain and eliminates it during the first visit. There is no point in delaying a visit to a doctor; moreover, this can lead to complications.


Already in the second stage, pain can begin

Why do teeth hurt?

Toothache occurs when a nerve is irritated or inflamed. Although the nerve of the tooth is located deep inside, it cannot be said that inflammation must necessarily affect the pulp itself and only then will the pain begin. Only enamel – the hardest tissue – is completely devoid of nerve endings. Already in the dentin layer, located immediately below the enamel, there are special tubules that, when inflammation occurs or after an injury, begin to irritate the tooth nerve. Therefore, mild discomfort, most often from hot or cold drinks, can appear already at the 2nd stage of caries (when the destruction penetrates the dentin).

Dentin tooth

Photo of the dentin of the tooth under a microscope: tubules penetrate the structure of the tissue and reach the nerve. Accordingly, the stronger the destruction of the tooth, the more dentin is exposed and the pain during chewing is sharper.In the third stage of caries, a tooth can begin to hurt without any con nection with food intake. As a rule, before the pulpitis stage, all unpleasant sensations are still bearable. That is why many people put off visiting a doctor. If the tooth starts to hurt, the problem will not disappear on its own, but only worsen! Having experienced a little discomfort, you risk skipping the onset of pulpitis, when the risk of complications increases significantly, and the pain becomes very severe.


poster scaring the most dangerous complication of pulpitis – periostitis

Can a tooth stop hurting?

Yes, this is possible. But, of course, this does not mean that there was an independent cure. If at first the pain was acute, and then dulled, this is a bad sign: after the pulpitis, the affected nerve is probably destroyed to such an extent that it no longer fulfills its direct function (to transmit a signal to the central nervous system). This is possible if pain medications are constantly taken during the most acute period of the disease. It may turn out that nerve necrosis has already begun. This stage of the disease can lead to inflammation of the periosteum and even (in an unfavorable combination of circumstances) blood poisoning. And no one guarantees that it will be possible to keep the tooth at least “dead” (depulped).

Pulp tooth

You can remove the nerve, but save the tooth. Depulled treated teeth with a quality-established filling serve for a long time and perform their function in the same way as healthy ones. But it is important not to miss the moment and conduct treatment on time.

And if it’s not a tooth?

Sometimes a pulling sensation may occur on one side, as if several teeth were sore at once. This is possible when a sharp drop in temperature (for example, if you went into an air-conditioned room after a heat) causes a spasm of the small muscles of the face and an “itchy” sensation in the area of ​​the facial nerve. If you have a lot of fillings, such pain can be mistaken for the caries of a tooth that was already once cured. In this case, it is better to consult a dentist: he will help to find out the cause of the pain.

Other diseases

Periodontitis – a chronic progressive disease of the gums – can cause constant pain associated with the fact that the gums become inflamed and the teeth become loose; with weakening of the body’s defenses, the lymph nodes may be included in the inflammatory process. Periodontitis is not an emergency, but, like other diseases, requires medical advice and treatment. If you regularly visit a dentist and your teeth are in order, chances are that an acute toothache will never catch you. If you have not been to a scheduled appointment for a long time, call us and make an appointment with your doctor: this way you can prevent a situation when suddenly, at the most inopportune moment, there is pain that simply cannot pass on your own.

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