Occupational health: a complete cleaning and care program

Are your teeth in perfect order? Perfectly! Now you need to maintain their health by visiting a doctor every few months. But a preventive measure is not only an examination. In order to fully protect your teeth from the development of caries and other diseases, you need regular professional brushing. This means that every 6 months you need to visit a hygienist.

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Dentist Prevention

Do not forget to visit the dentist every six months!

Why do you need occupational health?

Even thorough brushing twice a day will not save you from plaque completely. There are hard-to-reach spots, for example, back surfaces of molars, spaces between them, tooth fissures, gingival pockets that are difficult to clean with a regular brush. Accumulating, plaque under the influence of saliva is saturated with minerals and hardens, gradually transforming into tartar. Deposits on the teeth become a breeding ground for bacteria. In places of their active reproduction, the enamel begins to thin and collapse – this leads to caries.

Remaining plaque on teeth is the main cause of tooth decay.

In some situations, hygiene at home can be difficult:

  • When wearing a non-removable bracket system, when food particles fall not only between the teeth, but also under the arch and are more difficult to remove.
  • If bridges are installed, crowns.
  • If there is malocclusion, crowding of teeth: in this case, more inaccessible places.

In all cases, prevent the formation of plaque and tartar, and in the future and caries you will help regular professional hygiene.

Dental hygiene

Occupational health will make your teeth perfectly clean.

How does the dentist clean?

First of all, the doctor will examine you and evaluate the condition of the teeth. As a rule, for maximum effect, ultrasonic cleaning is prescribed together with air flow – treating teeth with a stream of water and air under pressure. The principle of operation is different, but the result is one: complete removal of plaque from the entire surface of the teeth, even where the usual brush does not reach. After hardware cleaning, the surface of the teeth is polished with a special paste.

Three reasons to sign up for occupational health

Result. Your teeth will be perfectly smooth and clean. Having experienced this wonderful feeling once, you can no longer deny yourself the pleasure of going through the next professional cleaning. By the way, such a procedure is a great way to teach a child and a teenager to be attentive to his teeth.


Although brushing does not affect the color of the enamel ( as opposed to whitening ), your teeth after it will become lighter by 1-2 tones – to a natural light shade.

Prevention of caries and periodontal disease

A scheduled examination by the dentist is recommended every 6 months. Want to get the maximum effect? Combine a prophylactic visit with a professional brushing. So you are 100% prevent caries, and this is better than treating it (even at an early stage). Then you will undergo remineralization – strengthening the enamel, which will make it invulnerable to bacteria.

Fresh breath

You forget about bad breath. As for periodontal disease, this disease develops gradually, is difficult to cure, and it is best to prevent it with regular oral hygiene.

How to save the result?

Like any aesthetic procedure, cleaning should be repeated regularly. But with careful attention to home hygiene, the result will remain long enough. This will help you:


This device literally knocks out all the smallest pieces of food from the interdental spaces and gingival pockets with a jet of water or a medical solution.

Dental floss.

It will help to clean the gap between the teeth when it is impossible to brush your teeth.

Rinse aid with a plaque effect

After brushing your teeth, you need to rinse their mouth: the residue of plaque will be painted in bright color. After this, the cleaning must be repeated. Such an elixir will help you to get accustomed to more thorough brushing. It can also be used by children (when all milk teeth have grown and the child already knows how to spit).

Tooth rinse

A dental elixir with a plaque effect helps maintain hygiene. Regular prophylaxis is the best way to preserve dental health for years to come. Do not forget to visit your dentist in time – call us and make an appointment today

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