Working girl: the summer dress at the office

Wearing the summer dress to the office may seem like a mismatch, but it’s a pretty good idea. Unlike the black dress which can appear severe or the trouser-shirt ensemble which is sometimes strict, the summer dresses for women online Pakistan brings a kind of measured relaxation. You just need to know how to wear it well. Choose your flowing summer dress with harmonious colors.

Prefer a midi-length summer dress to add some seriousness to your look. Give up any wacky accessory like hats or flip flops and equip yourself with a pretty leather bag and pumps or heeled sandals and even derbies. The summer dress is summery and is a perfect alternative in these upcoming heat wave times.

Denim, a working girl’s garment

Previously considered a casual fashion piece, jeans are now worn in offices. This is the go-anywhere piece par excellence. To avoid giving the illusion of being too casual, buy your raw jeans free of fading, rips or embroidery. Here we have to bring a kind of severity to the garment. This is why you will pair it with a shirt and not a t-shirt which on the other hand goes well with the denim skirt. Finally, don’t hesitate to slip on your pairs of moccasins or derbies to give the whole look a little more elegance.

The pantsuit, the flagship outfit of the working girl

The tailoring trend has made a comeback in recent years. Very inspired by the “pique à son Jules” spirit, the pantsuit is a delight for fans of boyish looks. Get a striped, checked or solid set right away. With this outfit, you are guaranteed to be impeccable in all circumstances. Don’t forget that to choose this suit set, the garment must be fitted.

The accessories of the working girl

Once you have found your clothes, you need to accompany them with jewelry. In this case, we advise you if you have opted for simple outfits to use colorful accessories. On the other hand, if your clothes are already colorful enough, soften them with sober accessories.

It is one of the working girl’s favorite accessories. We recommend a shopping bag or tote to our readers. Be careful though that it is not too big. Then for those who do not carry enough stuff, a clutch will suffice;

Jewelry: You can achieve your look by adding a pretty watch and understated earrings. Just because you have a smartphone doesn’t mean you should do without watches;

Here your choice is varied. You don’t have to go with pumps or heeled sandals. Your business romance look will also have effect with a pretty pair of ballerinas, moccasins or derbies.

The computer: it will inevitably accompany you in your work. Therefore you will need to store it in a towel bag. This will make you look like the perfect New York businesswoman. All you need is coffee and voila.

Ultimately, the office style is easy to put together. It’s just up to you to know how to measure clothes and accessories to avoid overbidding.


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